Ziproxy 3.3.2-1 on Debian

Jun 13, 2021

I recently packaged Ziproxy 3.3.2 to Debian.

The changes:

  * New upstream release.
  * Using new DH level format. Consequently:
    - debian/compat: Remove.
    - debian/control: Change from 'debhelper' to 'debhelper-compat' in
      Build-Depends field and bump level to 13.
  * debian/control:
    - Add Pre-Depends field.
    - Add Rules-Requires-Root field.
    - Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.1.
    - Change Maintainer mail.
    - Change priority from extra to optional.
    - Update Vcs fields to salsa.
  * debian/copyright: Update years.
  * debian/lintian-overrides: Add overrides to /usr/share/ziproxy/error/*
  * debian/patches/:
    - 02_small_spelling.diff: Remove, upstream are using it.
    - 03_giflib5.diff: Remove, upstream are using it.
    - 04_gcc10.diff: Remove, upstream fixed the compilation problem.
      Thanks to Michael Hudson-Doyle.
    - 02_ziproxylogtool_typos.diff: New, fix typos in ziproxylogtool.
    - 03_image_gccwarn.diff: New, fix gcc warning in image.c
  * debian/postinst: Change /var/run to /run.
  * debian/README.Debian: Add note about jasper support.
  * debian/tests/*: Create autopkgtest.
  * debian/upstream/metadata: Add upstream metadata information.
  * debian/watch:
    - Replace some regex's to @TAGS@.
    - Update to version 4.
  * debian/ziproxy.default: Add comments about systemd.
  * debian/ziproxy.service: New systemd service file.

Thanks to Joao Eriberto Mota Filho for sponsoring the package.


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